Naruto: Tenebrae Surgentes
Agoni Seras (WIP)

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Naruto: Tenebrae Surgentes

Welcome to Naruto: Tenebrae Surgentes (Darkness Rising). A Naruto Roleplay set during an Alternate Universe.
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 Agoni Seras (WIP)

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~Getting To Know You~

Name: (Give your character's full name. If they go by a nickname, tell us that too.)

Clan: (The name of your clan with the link to it's application.)
[url=link to clan application placed here]Name of clan goes here[/url]

Gender: (Male? Female? Other?)

Sexuality: (We don't mean to get personal, but maybe putting yourself out there will attract what you're looking for Wink )

Age: (How old is your character?)

Height: (How tall is your character?)

Body Type: (Stocky, slim, muscular, lean, buff, etc)

Appearance: (What does your character look like and what does he/she wear? We like pictures too,
those are nice.)

Village: (The Village where your character currently resides and/or where he/she was born.)

Rank: (Is your character a Genin, Chunin, or Jounin? You must begin at one of these.)

Profession: (What is your character best at? Field work like Scouting, Spying, Assassinations, Front line combat, Escorting, Rescues, Tracking, etc? Maybe they feel that behind the scenes is just as important. Medical ninjas, Messengers, Cartographers, Security ninja, and many others are all very important roles as well.)

Personality: (How does your character act? What does he/she like and dislike? Hobbies or habits? Maybe share some goals and aspirations.)

/Now We're Talking\

Fighting Style: (What's your character's typical approach to a confrontation? Don't give away all of your secrets though.)

Carried Weapons and Items: (Ninja's always come prepared.)

Dominant Weapon: (Ninja's will always have their favorites.)

Element: (What is the favored element of your character?)

Shall we discuss your abilities?

Jutsu Type: (Which of the three Justsu Types does your character prefer?)

Ninjutsu: (List your Ninjutsu's and describe what each one does.)

Taijutsu: (List your Taijutsu's and describe what each one does.)

Genjutsu: (List your Genjutsu's and describe what each one does.)

Life can be cold without partners...

Summon Name:
Summon Type:
Summon Link

...Let's Take it Down a Notch...

Relations: (Who are your parents? Any siblings? Who are you close with? What about enemies?)

History: (Tell us everything. Birth to the very present. We want to hear it all.)

Other Information: (Anything you'd like to share about your character that before we evaluate him/her?)

RP Sample:

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Agoni Seras (WIP)
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